Al Greenwood wakes up one morning with just one thought coursing through his mind...To kill his wife Audrey.  He suggests they take a long walk along the local cliff path which is an odd request given the stormy weather raging outside,  nevertheless Audrey acquiesces and pulls on her yellow oil skins. 

Stalling for time Al suggests Audrey goes ahead and he’ll catch her up  - but instead of following - Al waits until the coast is clear then dashes through the back garden, leaps over the rear fence and runs across the fields, hugging the hedge rows along the cart tracks to get ahead and lie in wait.  After a good while, Al finally spots Audrey’s yellow oil skin in the distance trudging slowly towards him along the cliff edge.  On reaching the beacon she stops just yards from where Al is hiding, turns to face the sea, and with arms outstretched embraces the wind and rain while standing as close to perdition as any human might dare. Al seizes the moment and runs up behind her, plants a hand in the small of her back, and gives her a shove. Thats all it takes. Audrey stumbles forward and is gone. Just like that. Not a cry, not a whimper, just her arms flapping in the air like a goose trying to land on water and then she tips over and is gone.   

Al’s euphoria is instant - he punches the air with an innate sense of freedom. To think with just a quick flick of the hand that everything could change was incredible to him.  No more quarrels, no more banging of saucepans, and no more cold shoulders. 

On the long walk home Al’s new found freedom is mirrored by a break in the weather - the clouds part, the sun shines, and Al hears the birds singing for the first time in a long while.   Opening the front door to the house Al shouts ‘Bonsai, you old bastard,’ and swings into the living room like it was the Ponderosa, like he owned half of Texas… Only to find Audrey standing by the fire drying her hair!